Female art duo showcase work at Beckenham pub

Rebecca Hunter (left) and Maria Nilsson (right) are showcasing their work at The Chancery until March 13

Two local female artists who found friendship and a shared creative vision in a South London studio four years ago are showcasing some of their work at a Beckenham pub.

Known as the Drawn Together Art Collective, Rebecca Hunter and Maria Nilsson will be displaying a variety of prints at The Chancery Pub on Bromley Road until March 13.

Inspired by nature, music and travel, the two artists use a range of different materials to create the art pieces, from Indian ink, acrylic paint to fine line pens. The initial drawings and patterns are then combined digitally to form the finalised work.

Speaking after the opening of the exhibition on January 18, Rebecca Hunter told News in Beckenham: ‘It is great to have all our newest creations from last year exhibited together. We were absolutely flattered with how many people came to the private view, and the positive reception our artwork received.”

Maria added: “We believe we’ve got so far because we are a collective and not working independently. We’re always bouncing ideas off each other, whether it’s a new illustrative series or an idea for a blog or event. This year we have plans to launch our own children’s books with our illustrations.”

To find out more about the Drawn Together Art Collective, visit www.drawntogetherartcollective.com or follow them on Twitter at @DTogether_Art