High Street improvement works: update 26/02/2018


The following update has been provided by Conway who have been in charge of carrying out the improvement works on Beckenham High Street.


  • In response to requests from traders and the wider community, two directional traffic will be reinstalled between Southend Road and the junction of Bromley Road and the High Street, enabling motorists to turn left into Bromley Road at St Georges Church.


  • Transport for London (TfL) have confirmed that the 162 bus will, from Monday, February 26, begin stopping again at the bus stop outside Beckenham Green.


  • Two directional traffic cannot resume down Thornton’s Corner because of safety concerns. If it were to be reintroduced some vehicles would be forced on to Burnhill Road and Kelsey Square.


  • All kerbing has been laid up to Nero’s coffee shop. The construction of parking bays is ongoing. In the next two weeks paving and further kerbing will be laid. The paving adjacent to shops will be laid during out of trading hours to allow for access to shops during the day. Helen McConnell of Conway will be liaising next week with these retailers regarding their opening times.


For the previous update visit: www.newsinbeckenham.co.uk/beckenham-high-street-improvement-works-update