High Street returns to two-way traffic

Beckenham High Street has reopened to two-way traffic and bus services have been reverted to normal as of today (Monday, September 24).

According to FM Conway, who have been carrying out the High Street improvement works, the date was chosen “as it allows sufficient time to complete the necessary works and for the bus operators to administer their requirements”.

The area between Beckenham Junction and the High Street junction at the War Memorial roundabout has been repaved on both sides on the road and resurfaced.

Additional works will be carried out including:

  • The installation of pedestrian islands in Rectory Road, Croydon Road and Beckenham Road and the resurfacing of the roundabout itself.
  • Improvements to Regal Alley and (subject to the approval of the owners) the privately owned Sainsbury forecourt.
  • Improvements to the side carpark of the Odeon.
  • The surfacing of Beckenham Green.
  • The installation of street furniture and cycle stands.
  • Timber seating on the Fairfield Road granite bus stop blocks.
  • Street trees to be planted in November.

Two way traffic has been reinstated between Bromley Road and Manor Road as well as between Thornton’s Corner and Fairfield Road to enable access to Fairfield Road without using the main diversion.