New app aims to make Bromley children safer online

A new app designed to help make children, parents, carers and teachers safer online has launched across Bromley.

The app is part of the Safer Schools package which has been launched aacross 36 Bromley schools and aims to educate, empower and protect Bromley’s children as they navigate the world of technology and social media.

Led by Zurich Municipal in partnership with the INEQE Group of specialist safeguarding companies, the Safer Schools package in its first phase is expected to benefit more than 50,000 children and young people, their parents, carers and teachers.

By placing contemporary, credible and relevant safeguarding information directly into the pockets of school staff, families and pupils, this first phase will provide immediate access to specialist advice where it’s needed, when it’s needed.

The package delivers over £20,000 worth of training, resources and apps for each participating school; providing access to online and offline safeguarding resources and training in the UK.

Ade Adetosoye OBE, deputy chief executive and executive director of education, care and health services for Bromley, commented: “Safeguarding doesn’t end when a pupil leaves the classroom. Teachers tell me that whether offline, online or somewhere in between, safeguarding is one the most complex challenges they face.

“This kind of package can bring the combined expertise of many safeguarding professionals together to provide up-to-date advice, warnings and alerts. Whether getting the safety settings right on the router in your home, configuring the best settings on the devices you give your children or accessing critical advice regarding image sharing, online bullying and safer gaming, the app delivers it all.”