Council suggests £60 wheelie bin as Xmas present

For those struggling with what to get their loved ones for Christmas this year, Bromley Council has come up with an unusual alternative gift idea – a £60 wheelie bin.

The council’s latest Environment Matters newsletter states: “Need an unusual gift idea? Treat that special someone to a year’s worth of garden waste collections!

“Your loved one will receive a large 240 litre wheelie bin to hold all types of green garden waste including leaves, weeds, twigs, grass cuttings and even real Christmas trees.

“Scheduled collections are made regularly every other week during peak gardening season March to November, then once a month from December to February.”

The announcement received mixed reviews from local residents. One Facebook user wrote: “Must admit, when it comes to buying Christmas gifts, I rarely ask Bromley Council’s advice.”

However others were much more open to the idea, with a fellow resident stating: “Those bins are brilliant, much better than a pile of black sacks. The £60 is not just for the bin, but also coming and emptying them fortnightly. Getting rid of garden waste is a significant job for gardeners, often involving regular trips to the dump. This service saves all that, and you can wheel it round the garden with you while you are working.”

What are the strangest Christmas gifts you’ve received or sent someone? Comments below