Library relocation decision brought back to council

The council’s decision to move ahead with plans which could see Beckenham Library relocated to Beckenham Public Halls to make way for housing has been sent back to council to be reconsidered.

A meeting will take place at 9am tomorrow (Friday, December 20) after local Labour councillors used their power under the council’s constitution to request the decision be brought back and reconsidered (technically known as a ‘call-in’).

On November 27, Bromley Council’s Executive decided to proceed with a feasibility study costing £70,000 which will be undertaken to look at relocating the library to Beckenham Halls.

The plans have been met with strong local opposition with a Save Beckenham Library petition having garnered more than 5,500 signatures –

Labour councillors believe that holding the meeting at 9am means that many members of the public will be unable to attend. Councillor Ian Dunn said: “Scrutiny committees are always held at 7pm in the evening. Why have Bromley Tories decided to have this meeting a time which is so inconvenient for many members of the public? Are they afraid of having to justify this terrible decision in front of the people of Beckenham?”

Councillor Josh King added: “The Tories were clearly rattled by the large number of opponents in the public gallery at last month’s Executive meeting. They want to do their dirty work in front of as few members of the public as possible.”

News in Beckenham has received numerous emails from members of the public opposing the plans.

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