The signs they are a-Changin’

A man who runs a local window cleaning business has been brightening up the town by cleaning dirty signs in Beckenham for free.

Scott Kingston, 37, who owns Stains on Panes, started cleaning filthy signs after seeing a Facebook post in the Beckenham Appreciation Group about many of them being dirty or in a bad condition.

Scott had already been looking for a new community project to get his teeth into in 2018 after previously offering free window and gutter cleaning to local schools as raffle prizes. This time he wanted to do something a bit different for the community and has been cleaning signs whenever he has a spare moment.

A Stains on Panes colleague told News in Beckenham: “Local people and the community have  responded amazingly. So many people have written messages of thanks and appreciation.

“Scott works incredibly hard and wants to create job opportunities for local people and would like the business to become a family business as he has a two year old son and is working hard to create future opportunities for him also.”

“It has been a mixture of seeing signs on his window cleaning rounds and customers or the public letting him know via the post set up on the Stains On Panes Facebook page. He is continuing to clean them as when he can as he is very busy with work so tries to do them in between jobs and when in the area.”

So far Scott has cleaned a range of road safety signs, mirrors on road bends, street name signs and even a plaque in Croydon Road Recreation Ground.

A post on Stains on Panes’ Facebook page states: “Welcome to the new community project for 2018 ‘Cleaner and Clearer’ for road and sign posts. If you see any road, traffic, safety or street signs/posts please let me know in the comments below under this post and I will clean it on my window cleaning rounds when next in the area. This is totally free and part of keeping the Bromley and surrounding boroughs I live and work in a cleaner and nicer place. Together we can all make our areas better.”

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  1. Brilliant Scott, all credit to you, well done. Isn’t it a shame though that the council can’t do that job, considering all the council tax we pay!

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