Beckenham High Street improvement works: Update

Outlined below are a list of the High Street improvement works which have recently been completed as well as works which are either due to commence or be completed over the coming weeks. The information is courtesy of FM Conway who have been carrying out the works.

  • Between The George Inn and Lidl, paving is complete and most of the parking bays have been reopened. Works are now being restricted to the northern side of the street.
  • All kerbing has been laid up to Nero’s coffee shop
  • Foundations for the parking bays will be completed and concrete pouring will commence this week.
  • In addition to new kerbs and paving, this area will require substantial new drainage due to a history of flooding in the area and the construction of an improved bus stop with a shelter and passenger waiting space.
  • Following the completion of the improvement works, the High Street will revert back to two-way traffic. The widening of the road in some areas – such as at Thornton’s Corner – have been designed to enable larger road vehicles to comfortably navigate the corner in both directions.
  • No exisiting bus stops will be removed from the High Street. All bus stops however will be improved and will become fully disabled accessible.
  • The scheme will not introduce shared surfaces where the footway and road surface are on the same level.
  • Many of the parking spaces are inset into the paving. They are flush with the pavement in order to avoid a trip hazard kerb.
  • During construction works, space is limited at the bus stop location outside Miso and Allure. FM Conway say they are doing everything they can to alleviate the problem.

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  1. I know it’s a bit chaotic at the moment but I do believe it will be worth while. From what one can see so far, it’s going to be fantastic. A big thank you to ???? and a special thank you to the mostly young crew working so hard on the project.
    Can’t wait to see the finished project.

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