Household recycling services temporarily suspended due to COVID-19

Bromley’s recycling and waste services as well as street cleaning services have been temporarily modified or suspended as a result of the coronavirus.

Bromley Council, working with Veolia, say the move is to ensure that the most essential services are delivered safely, and that the approach has been “carefully planned to minimise disruption as much as possible”.

The following services will be in operation from Tuesday 24 March:

  • Only food waste and non-recyclable refuse will be collected
  • Food waste will be collected weekly on your usual collection day
  • Non-recyclable refuse will be collected every other week on your usual collection day
  • Your collections may take place at a different time than usual.

The following services are temporarily altered or suspended.

  • Household recycling services (paper and card; plastic, tins and glass; batteries, textiles and small electrical items) are temporarily suspended.
  • Green garden waste collection service is temporarily suspended, including one-off sack collections.
  • Bulky Items collection service is temporarily suspended.
  • Box and bin deliveries are temporarily suspended.
  • Garden waste weekend sites are closed.
  • Street cleaning services have been altered.

Beckenham residents are been asked that, if possible, they store their recycling in a dry place until normal service is resumed. Placing recycling in non-recyclable refuse should only be done as a last resort say the council.

No new requests for recycling bins or boxes can be made at this time, however any requests made prior to March 16 will be honoured.

Residents should note that Waldo Road and Churchfields Road Recycling Centres have also been closed following government advice.

For more information on the service changes, including what to do with green garden waste, bulky waste and street cleaning services, please visit:

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  1. H.R.Crawford | March 25, 2020 at 3:38 pm |

    We pay an annual fee for Green Bin collection. Will we receive a refund now you have chosen to suspend this service?

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