Latest Beckenham Place Park plans revealed

Lewisham Council has submitted updated plans for Beckenham Place Park

Lewisham Council has released updated plans for Beckenham Place Park which include a mounded garden offering 360 degree views of the parkland, including the lake.

The park, which borders Bromley and Lewisham boroughs, received £4.9 million from the Heritage Lottery Fund for redevelopment back in December 2016.

A prior planning application was accepted in October 2016 which includes plans to rebuild and change the use of the stable block to include a café and an education room; the relocation and expansion of the car park; the restoration of the parkland lake for swimming and other leisure activities; a wetland area and new street furniture, play and gym equipment, boardwalks, lighting and signage.

The newly proposed mounded garden will sit in a clearing located over 300 meters away from the Southend Lodge, 400 meters from the Homestead and 500 meters from the mansion.

Lewisham Council’s website states: “Beckenham Place Park is Lewisham’s largest park by far. At 95 hectares it is 30 per cent bigger than Greenwich Park. It boasts ancient woodland, meadow, parkland, a river and several historic buildings.

“Yet the park remains little known among the wider community and is under-used. Its historic buildings are in need of significant renovation and the park as a whole requires major investment.” However, many local residents have been critical of the plans, especially the closure of the park’s golf course.

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4 Comments on "Latest Beckenham Place Park plans revealed"

  1. I would like to know when the Beckenham Place Park Homestead Cafe car park will be opening for blue badge holders please?

  2. Susie Buff | March 18, 2019 at 5:35 pm |

    Good afternoon, whilst the park is looking full of activity and thriving with the amount of dog-walkers/children/cyclists etc, what is the intention of the Old Foxgrove Club as there appears to be a pathway now to the top road yet the building still looks derelict??

  3. Lewisham go on about the amount of CO2 in London, and there cutting down trees that breath in Co2 and give us oxygen. You blame cars and boilers and asking us to cut down on our Co2 . But your happy to cut down the lungs of the earth.

  4. ginny holman | March 15, 2018 at 4:56 pm |

    why are so many trees being cut down. they are not diseased at all. it really is a desecration of a beautiful area

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