Local woman braves hot coals for Bromley Mencap

Photo Credit: Square Freedom Photography

A local businesswoman braved hot coals recently as she took part in a fire walking challenge in aid of Bromley Mencap – smashing her fundraising target in the process.

Vicki Sims, 46, who runs Lady Bug Pest Control, raised more than £850 for the charity which works with disabled people across the borough.

She told News in Beckenham: Since launching Lady Bug Pest Control in 2016 I have always supported Bromley Mencap, as my own son has learning difficulties, so when Bromley Mencap offered me the challenge to do the fire walk  I immediately said yes.

“I set up a JustGiving page to allow people to sponsor me with a target of £200, and I took a collection box on jobs. Never did I imagine that I would raise over £800. I was overwhelmed with the amount of sponsorship that I raised.

“As the date got closer I thought what have I let myself in for. People kept saying I was mad, and I just kept on replying oh don’t be silly its mind over matter, but deep down I was thinking what if I do burn my feet, and doubt did start setting in, but I couldn’t let the charity down.

“The feeling you get once you have done it is amazing, and there were no burnt tootsies, just very black feet.

“I always push myself to try new things, I suffered a personal trauma back in 2016, sank into a deep dark place and even attempting suicide, and I just say to myself, the worst thing that could happen to me has happened, so what is the worst thing that could happen now? Life is too short, believe in yourself and just go for it.”