Rotary Beckenham hits 100 laptop donations milestone

Rotary Beckenham laptop deliveryRotarians David and Sandra Hynes delivering laptops to Unicorn Primary School

Rotary Beckenham celebrated Rotary Day last month by announcing that it has now provided more than 100 laptops, valued at over £26,000, to 16 local primary schools, for use by children learning online from home without their own means of access.

Thanks to the generous donations received in response to the Rotary Beckenham appeal, the club has been able to purchase 30 brand new laptops, which have all been distributed to local primary schools in Beckenham and the surrounding area. 

In addition, more than 100 redundant laptops have been donated to the Club, of which 70 have been brought back into good working order. Rotarian Chris Bird refurbished the laptops, wiped clean existing software and all data and then loaded Windows 10 Education, ready for the schools to activate.

With a final clean and a rotary sticker fixed to the case, these recycled laptops have also all been distributed, ready to start a new useful life by allowing school children to learn online from home. It is left to each school to decide how best to allocate the laptops, according to the educational needs of their pupils.

Rotary International has declared ‘Supporting the Environment’ as its latest area of focus and the re-conditioning of used laptops by the club not only supports the community, but also helps the environment by re-using existing equipment.

On behalf of Rotary Beckenham, project leader Rotarian Peter Braithwaite expressed thanks to all the local residents and organisations whose generosity in donating funds and used laptops made the project a success.  

Anyone wishing to donate a laptop can contact Peter at

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