Southeastern reduces services amid increased leaf fall

Southeastern railway has begun implementing a reduced service on the Victoria to Orpington line due to increased seasonal leaf fall.

The reduced service, which will affect passengers from Beckenham Junction, began on Monday, 9 October and will run until Friday, 8 December.

It means that some trains running between Victoria and Orpington (Monday to Friday) will no longer stop at West Dulwich, Sydenham Hill, Shortlands and Bickley train stations.

Southeastern say that the increased leaf fall makes it harder for trains to grip the tracks and confuses the signals which rely on electric currents in the track to work out where the trains are.

The reduced timetable allows Southeastern to use trains equipped with water jets to clear leaves from the rails and to clear vegetation beside the tracks.

In a posting on its website Southeastern say: “During the autumn period, poor rail conditions can result in extended journey times. To prevent us from making last minute cancellations, we will sometimes need to introduce an amended timetable on some of our metro routes. We’re sorry for any disruption this causes to your journey.”

To view the amended timetable please visit: