Weekly Friday Quiz: Episode One

10/04/2020 – General Knowledge

This week’s 20 General Knowledge questions are set out below. Scroll down to the bottom of the page for the answers.

1. ‘How Deep is Your Love’ was a UK number one single for which group in March 1996?

2. What does the Beaufort scale measure?

3. What is the name of the fourth book in the ‘Harry Potter’ series?

4. According to the idiom, what do ‘birds of a feather’ do?

5. Which 2001 animated film has the tagline “The greatest fairy tale never told.”?

6. Which London Underground line has the most stations? 

7. Which is the largest cathedral in the UK?

8. By area, which is the largest continent on the planet?

9. What is the name of the biggest selling music album of all time?

10. True or false, The Bahamas is made up of around 700 islands?

11. In which country was Greenpeace founded in 1971?

12. Who is the youngest ever British Prime Minister?

13. What is the only city that lies on two continents?

14. What was Samuel Langhorne Clemens’ pen-name?

15. The fastest ever time is 8 minutes and 47.8 seconds. Name the race?

16. Which European capital city translates in its original language as “black pool”?

17. In which year did the infamous Maradona ‘hand of god’ take place?

18. ‘Sunflowers’ and ‘The Potato Eaters’ are works by which Dutch painter?

19. In which part of the body would you find papillae?

20. Gin is a distilled grain flavoured with which type of berry?
















1. Westlife

2. Wind speed

3. Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire 

4. Flock together

5.  Shrek

6. District Line (60 stations)

7. Liverpool Cathedral

8. Asia

9. Thriller

10. True

11. Canada

12. William Pitt (The Younger). He was 24.

13. Istanbul

14. Mark Twain

15. The Grand National

16. Dublin

17. 1986

18. Vincent van Gogh

19. The tongue

20. Juniper